Thursday, July 18, 2013

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Blog Post to Bring You-BABY BUNNIES! AWWWW!

Yes, just too cute to resist taking loads of pictures of these little lagomorphs. I was working at the park, and on our way to the parking lot, my husband Eric spotted something moving in the grass. I looked and saw an adorable baby bunny! Further inspection found a nest nearby.

The next morning, I brought my camera and shot a few photos before our summer camp started for the day.

Here is a shot into the nest. Four bunnies or Eastern Cottontail, Sylvilagus floridanus, are in the nest. Only three are showing.

Another shot from the opposite side of the nest. They were so cute all snuggled together.

A little later in the day, after camp was over, we went back out to check on the cuties. The nest was empty and for good reason. It was right in the blazing sun with the temperature in the nineties. We checked around the area and soon started noticing the bunnies, in the shade, under a nearby tree. They were quite camouflaged, looking just like a patch of dirt under the grass. We had to be really careful not to accidentally step on them.

This one was very alert and quite curious.

This one we found next. It was tucked into the grass quite well and stayed hidden. 

This little one was quite sleepy and started to doze off.

The last one we found was just plain adorable. I could not resist taking quite a few photos of its sweet face. :) 

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